Products for the Dive, Public Safety, Military and HazMat industries. 
​Our main production is warm dipping of Latex products, which is a very unique production method and gives the products a clear advantage compared with traditional latex production. With this method we can manage and control the thickness very precisely and get a consistent products without air bubbles also known as windows. All products are hand made and individually inspected.
​For decades we have supplied our customers with more than just seals, gloves, and miscellaneous parts and pieces.   We are a business partner and a trusted provider of comprehensive products and technical solutions.  We provide a solid guarantee, fast and friendly service, and incredible flexibility. 

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We provide a wide range of both European and American wholesalers with high class squeegee rubber in customer specific grades and hardness as OEM or Branded product.

Black Diamond is a high quality soft or hard squeegee rubber replacement and has been a popular choice for professional window cleaners throughout the world for the last 15 years. Black Diamond is a soft or hard rubber replacement as either T- or Round Profile. Ready cut or Cut-to-Size Replacement Rubber features professional-grade, natural-molded, double-sided rubber construction to help provide streak-free results.

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Germira is branding under the following names:

G-Dive - The Best Latex Seals in the World!

BlackDiamond - Squeegee Rubber for Window Cleaning

G-Medi- Rubber products for the medical industry

It's all about Rubber
Germira is an independent, flexible single source solution to take the customer from the design phase all the way to a delivered product while saving the customer money every step of the way. Our flexibility enables our customers to use us a little or a lot, depending on their needs. We work as a consultant, independent testing and evaluation source or as a partner helping to get the product to market.
We develop innovative solutions of high quality to meet our customer’s needs. We try to get our customers loyalty by listening and understanding their situation and being loyal cooperator. Germira has decades experience in several industries and multiply product types.

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